Add IP Telephone to your Internet service.

This phone service operates over your Internet connection. Sign up for our Internet service and add Phone for just an additional $20/mo.

  • Internet + Phone starting at $79.95/mo.
  • Internet + TV + Phone starting at $99.95/mo.


  • 3-Way Calling – Allows you to add a 3rd party to an active call
  • Call Forwarding – Redirect inbound calls to your extension to another extension or any number that can be dialled from a phone
  • Call Waiting – Allows for more than one concurrent call per phone handset
  • Inbound Caller ID – Displays the caller’s name and number if published
  • Outbound Caller ID – Display the individual extension owners name and number or have all extensions use the company or group related value
  • Simultaneous Ring – Call multiple devices at the same time
  • Voice Mail – Customized individual greetings for busy/no answer
  • Voicemail to Email – Sends a recording of the voicemail message to your email

Please note this phone service only. You must supply your own phone. Most phones that plug in to a standard wall jack will work.