Flexible, Affordable Internet

Trapped in a bundle, no more! Get the Internet you want at a price you’ll love. Surf and stream to your heart’s content and use the money you’ve saved to treat yourself.

Internet 100

  • 100 mbps download
  • 10 mbps upload
  • Perfect for everyday surfing and HD streaming.

Internet 300

  • 300 mbps download
  • 10 mbps upload
  • Great for gaming and streaming 4K videos at the same time.

* $60 activation fee.


Who says Live TV has to be expensive?

Tune in to the finale of your favourite show before everyone is tweeting about it. Catch the game-winning play as it happens (you are their #1 fan, after all). Keep up with the news as it unfolds. Some things are better seen live. No spoilers, please!

From $20 monthly


The new old school.

A (non-mobile) phone service for cord cutters. Enjoy the convenience of having a designated home phone without being tied down.¬†Perfect for chatting the night away with your long distance best friend. We’ll have you feeling as free as a dog on a beach. Call me!

$20 monthly


Test Your Speed

See how your ISP is doing.

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